Question: MME product support for Mio C-Series

Q1. When is Map update available for my Mio DigiWalker C-series? MAP update for C220/S, C320, C520, and C720t is now available. The update is available in DVD format due to the large file size. In-house assisted map update is also available.

Q2. What is the MAP version on this release? The MAP version on this release is 2008.10 by Tele Atlas.

Q3. What is MME? MME stands for MioMore Express, it is a proprietary user interface for GPS Navigation system by Mio

Q4. Why is the software changed from DigiWalker to MME? Mio’s contract with its software vendor for C-series had been matured. In order to give customer continuous support Mio decided using its own proprietary software which is newly available.

Q5. What benefits will I get from MME? MME itself is a relatively simpler interface, it has been used in NA market for over a year and proven to be user friendly. With MME, Mio takes better control on the update supports.

Q6. What models are supported by this MME Map update? Mio C220, C220S, C320, C520, C720t customers can purchase the software upgrade for immediate MAP update to 2008.10 data.

Q7. What is the POI do I get from this MME MAP update? Depending on your GPS memory, POI count is 3.9M for US model

Q8. What is the price of the MAP update DVD? How do I get it? A: Price of the map update is $59.99 plus freight and handling. Please call Mio support for more information on how to order.

Q9. What is the disadvantage after SW changed to MME? A: Because of MME is simpler, in general, the following features found in iGO, are not available: Coordinate search; Split windows; Less languages (missing Turkish, Vlaams, Greek). In C520 and C720t, search by Contact is not supported; MP3 can not play in the background; BT is not available inside the MioMAP. in C720t, Mexican MAP is not available, POI count is now 3.9M as other models. C520 will not support TMC cradle.

Q10. What functions are supported differently? Picture Viewer(C720t only) is now through Navpix; MP3 (C320, C520 and C720t) and BT (C520 and C720t) are working as independent applications

Q11. I have a Mio C230, is the MAP update available for it? A: Unfortunately, this version of MAP update is not available for C230 and C310 series.

Q12. Do I have additional voices to download Yes, there are many options of TTS and normal voices in DVD for you to transfer

Q13. Is Speed alert feature supported by MME? Yes, speed warning can be enabled, if speed limit is not available, user can setup general warning speed

Q14. Can I go back to my old software after this MME Map update? A. Unfortunately, it is not possible to uninstall the MME MAP update.

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