Question: How do I create my own Custom POI/.csv file?

Custom POI/.csv file
You can create your own custom POI files in .csv format and transfer them to your device.

  • To create a .csv file, open Microsoft Excel and then enter the POI location details (including the Longitude, Latitude, Name, and Description) in separate cells.
  • Always use decimal degrees for coordinates and ensure that you don’t give a title to each column by simply adding the details for your first POI in the first row.

  • Add each POI location to a new line of the spreadsheet.
  • When done, click File > Save As and make sure you select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) in the Save as type drop down menu.

  • Your custom POI file in .csv format has been created.

For instructions on transferring POI files to your device please click HERE.

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