Question: Device still not recognised after CycloAgent update

Device not recognised after CycloAgent 2.2.13 update

If you have recently updated CyloAgent to version on your Windows PC, and you are still unable to get your Cyclo connected, it will be because the OS image update fix has not yet been installed on your device. This could be because you are using a PC with the Windows 10 Creators update installed on it.

You should note that you will be required to either roll back a version to Windows 10 v1607, or access another PC which isn't running the Windows 10 Creators update (1703), in order for the OS image update* to be offered.

The OS image update is required to be installed onto a Cyclo 31x/5xx model in order for it to be recognised as an external device on PCs with the Windows 10 Creators update (1703).

*OS Image update will only be offered to Cyclo 310/315/500/505/505 HC models.

You can verify whether the update has correctly installed onto your Cyclo by following the steps below:

  • Wait until the update has finished on CycloAgent
  • Disconnect the Cyclo from the PC
  • Start up the device and go to Settings > Product Info > Versions
  • In here you will find the Software, ROM and Map versions installed on your device.
  • To confirm whether the new OS image update has been installed correctly, the ROM version on your device should state either "R1.1.08" or "R1.0.24".

  • Please note:Mio Cyclo 2xx/4xx/6xx models may require 2-3 minutes to be recognised as an external drive on a Windows 10 Creators update (1703) PC.

    Device not recognised

    If your device isn't recognised when connected to CycloAgent, it could be that you need to re-name the removable drive to Mio_System as its incorrectly named. In My Computer, under Devices with Removable Storage you should see both a Mio_System and a Mio_Data drive.

    If your Mio_System drive is called something else, then right click on the drive and select Rename and rename this to Mio_System.

    Also ensure that the following programs have been removed from your PC:

  • Cyclo/Mio plug-in
  • MioShare
  • Virtual com port
  • CycloAgent

  • Once these have been removed, clear the cache of your internet browser and restart your PC for these changes to take effect.
    You will now need to download and install CycloAgent:


    Once CycloAgent has been installed, your device should now be recognised.

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