Question: MiVue Driving Safety

MiVue Driving Safety with ADAS

ADAS includes the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Front Collision Warning System (FCWS). LDWS and FCWS have been designed to assist with driver, car and road safety by alerting the driver to potential problems.


For the LDWS and FCWS functions to operate correctly the device first needs to be calibrated to the current road conditions. 
Important: If the device is not calibrated you might receive alerts at the wrong time or not at all.

For accurate calibration you will need to drive on a straight part of the road, select Menu > Driving Safety > Calibration and follow the on screen prompts. 

Important: Never try to operate the device yourself while driving, please ask a passenger to complete the steps for you!

 LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
LDWS is designed to warn you when the car begins to move/veer out of its lane in an attempt to minimize accidents. With LDSW enabled, the device will alert you when it detects that your speed is over 60 km/h (40 mph) and the car has strayed from its intended lane. 

On the device the following screen will pop up and at the same time you either receive a beep or a voice alert. To change your 
Lane Departure Warning System alert settings select Menu > Driving Safety > LDWS.

 LDWS will work best on straight roads like motorways and A-roads, and performance may be limited on bends and windy roads. Changing lanes can also trigger the LDWS alerts.

 FCWS (Front Collision Warning System)

FCWS was developed to warn you if a possible collision with a vehicle ahead is detected. Driving at 60 km/h (40 mph) you will be alerted if the distance from the vehicle ahead is less than 1.5 sec or less than 15 metres. 

Note: The FCWS will only operate in normal daylight conditions not lower than the light conditions on a cloudy day (higher than 200 lux).

 Headlight Reminder

When turned on, this feature will remind you to turn the lights on, when driving after dark. By default it is set to OFF.

 Driver Fatigue Alert

When turned on, the system will remind you, to take a break during a long- distance drive. (after, 2h / 3h / or 4h). By default it is set to OFF.

 Eco Drive indicator

When turned on, the Eco drive indicator will be displayed on the recording screen next to the speed. The colour of the indicator will change between red, yellow and green, reminding you to drive more efficiently. By default it is set to OFF.

 Stop and Go

When turned on, you will be alerted when the car ahead, has proceeded to go after stopping for more than 10 sec. By default it is set to OFF.

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