Question: Getting started with MioMore Desktop 2 (MMD2)

Installing MioMore Desktop 2
We recommend installing MioMore Desktop 2 (MMD2)/Navdesk to claim your first free map update (if applicable). For more information on the first free map guarantee, please click HERE.
Insert the MioMore Desktop 2 Application Installer DVD into your computer DVD drive. Install MioMore Desktop 2 onto your PC. From now on you can access MioMore Desktop 2 via: Start > All programs > Mio > MioMore Desktop 2.
If you don't have the DVD, you can download MioMore Desktop 2 from HERE.
Once installed, open MioMore Desktop 2, connect your device to the PC using a standard mini USB-lead and turn the device on.

MioMore Desktop 2

MioMore Desktop 2 is a suite of tools you can use to access greater functionality and product information via your computer.
MioMore Desktop 2 allows you to:

  1. Obtain software updates.
  2. Manage maps.
  3. Search online for local POIs.
  4. Manage custom POIs.
  5. Manage safety camera subscriptions.
  6. Browse Mio website for special offers.

More info
Most important options in MioMore Desktop 2
My maps: This tab will show you what maps are installed on your device. This tab is used to manage the maps on your device.
Unlock features: Allows you to enter an activation key for a service you purchased. You only need to use this tab when you have purchased e.g. a safety camera subscription or map data from our e-shop.
Redeem: You will only have to use this tab if you have one of the following devices: Spirit 49x LM, Spirit 69x LM, M41x LM, M61x LM. Please enter the product key enclosed in the box to claim your lifetime map updates. For more information about the Redeem tab please click HERE.

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