Question: Installing lifetime map updates on Spirit 4 / 6 Series


  1. Connect your device to the PC and turn it on.
  2. Open MioMore Desktop.
  3. Accept and install all updates being offered automatically.
  4. Close down MioMore Desktop and disconnect device.

In more detail

    Please ensure that you have installed MioMore Desktop from the DVD supplied with your device and that you have removed the disc from your DVD drive. If you don't have the DVD, you can download MioMore Desktop from HERE.

    1. Connect your device to your PC and turn it on.
    2. Open MioMore Desktop.
    3. You should see a pop up offering you a software update for MioMore. Click Download.

    4. Select the Installer Language and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard to install the software updates.

    5. If there is a second update to install select the Installer Language and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard to install the software updates as before.

    6. Once the updates have installed MioMore Desktop will reopen and you will see the screen below. Click View.

    7. Click Download next to the name of the updated map you wish to download.

    8. Once the map data has downloaded to your PC the old maps will be deleted, and the new maps installed automatically.
      Note: If you get a pop up with the option to Install now or Install later, click Install now.

    9. When the maps have finished transferring click Close.

    10. Now click the My subscriptions tab > Recover subscriptions > Yes.

    11. When done, click Finish.

    12. Disconnect the device.
    13. To check the map version installed on your device, from the Main menu > Settings > Maps > Map version.

    More info

    Mio’s “Lifetime Map updates” entitles you to receive between two and four map data updates annually via Mio More Desktop.  Mio does not warrant updates, release dates or, annual releases frequency. 

    Mio’s “Lifetime Map updates” option is only applicable for this specific Mio device, until:

    The device reaches the end of its "active life". The date on which the product is no longer serviceable or supported by Mio


    Mio no longer receives device compatible map data from its third-party supplier, 

    whichever is shorter. 

    Updates are not transferable to other Mio devices or alternative products.

    Device “active life” represents the period throughout which the product has sufficient memory capacity and other required technical capabilities to utilise current map data and is capable of operating as intended without major repairs. Third-party content providers may change. 

    If your Mio product does not have sufficient memory remaining to load an update to the map data, we recommend the following troubleshooting actions: 

    (1) select reduced map data coverage for your updates, or 

    (2) purchase a separate microSD™/SD™ card (if applicable to your Mio product) and load all or a portion of the map data coverage for your updates to the microSD™/SD™ card and insert the card into the card slot contained in your Mio product. 

    If neither of the recommended options in (1) or (2) addresses your product’s lack of sufficient remaining memory, your Mio device may be no longer within “active life” interval and your will receive only updates for the geographic map data originally included with your Mio product when originally purchased. Full terms and conditions available by contacting Customer Support.

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