Question: All you need to know about the new Strava Live Segments feature with software version 4.4
Strava Live Segments are available for the following devices with software version 4.4:

Cyclo 310 / 315 / 500 / 505 (HC)

Please note: Premium Strava account is required to create, view and select segments in Strava. 

What are Strava Live Segments?

Strava Live Segments designate a portion of a route that are user-created and edited, used to compare recordings competitively, either with your personal record (PRs), or against other competitors, thus pushing yourself to improve constantly.
This is a Strava feature available for all Premium Strava users, for which an overview of this is maintained on Strava, with all participants and their results, so you can always look back to your own position in the table. 

This feature has now become available with the new Cyclo 4.4 software version.

How do I update my Cyclo to its latest software update (4.4)?

  1. Connect your device to your PC with a 5-Pin Mini USB cable and turn it on.
  2. Open CycloAgent.
  3. To ensure that your Cyclo is up-to-date, click in “My Device”>”Device”>”Check for Updates"
  4. Click Continue.
  5. To check whether this has been installed correctly on your device go to "Settings">"Product Info">Versions".

Getting started with Strava Live Segments 


  1. Log in to your Premium Strava Account
  2. Mark a segment as a favourite in Strava with your Premium Strava account.
  3. Ensure that you have linked your Strava account with your MioShare account.
  4. Connect your device to your computer and start CycloAgent>synchronise your device with the MioShare account.
  5. Select a bicycle profile via Settings>Profiles.
  6. Go to Settings>Manage>Strava Live Segments>activate one or more segments (activated by default).
  7. Go to Settings>System>Alerts>Strava Live Segments>activate alerts (activated by default).
  8. Options 1>Navigation>Segments>Select a Segment and GO.
  9. Option 2>During a recording the device will indicate when you are nearing a saved and activated segment and navigate you towards it, if you choose to do so.
  10. When finished, synchronise your device with MioShare to upload and view your results on Strava.

More detail

Please ensure you have CycloAgent installed, if not you can download this from Here.

  1. Go to > Log into your Premium Strava account. Select "Explore">"Segment Explore" (in your area) or "Segment Search" (search anywhere). Mark a segment as a favourite by selecting the star in front of that segment.

  2. Log in to your MioShare account>Account>Synchronisation settings>Link your Strava account.
  3. Connect your device to your computer and start CycloAgent>synchronise your device with MioShare using CycloAgent. The segments will be placed on your device during synchronisation. Disconnect your Cyclo from your PC and start it up.
  4. Select a Profile>Settings>Profiles. Note: Only cycling segments will be synched with your Cyclo.
  5. Go to Settings>Manage>Strava Live Segments>activate one or more segments.

  6. Go to Settings>System>Alerts>Strava Live segments>activate notifications.
  7. Options 1>Navigation>Segments>Select a Segment and GO. You will be directed to the starting point of the segment. The device will notify you, 250 metres before the start of the segment, with a pop-up window and by beeping twice.

  8. Option 2>During a recording the device will indicate when you are nearing an activated segment and navigate you towards it. This can be ignored by pressing the "Dismiss" button or you can move towards the orange flag (the starting point of the segment). As you reach the start of the segment, you will hear 3 beeps and "GO!" will appear on your screen.
  9. As soon as you pass the finish line, your results will be shown on the screen of your Mio Cyclo.
  10. When finished, synchronise your device with MioShare via CycloAgent to upload your results to Strava.
  11. After the automatic synchronisation with MioShare it can take a few minutes for Strava to re-calculate and update the rankings. To make sure you use the latest Strava ranking stats, it is recommended to re-sync your segments to your Cyclo before every use; this will refresh the rankings and results.
More Info

WIFI Synchronisation

It is also possible to synchronise your segments and recordings with your MioShare account onto your device by accessing the Internet through WIFI. To use WIFI on your device, you need access to a wireless account. Please ensure that you have:

  • Registered your device with CycloAgent and your MioShare account beforehand.
  • Ensured that your Cyclo's software version is up-to-date (v4.4).
  • Enabled the WIFI function from
    Settings>WIFI sync.
  • Connected your device to your wireless network correctly.
  • Please note: This is a feature only available for Cyclo 500/505.

    Virtual Rival

    A virtual rival can be chosen to compare your recordings against your own results once a segment is activated, by selecting Settings>Manage>Strava Live Segments:

  • With KOM/QOM; a record holder for this particular segment.
  • Personal Record; your previous record for this segment.
  • Rival; the next person above you that you're following on the leaderboard.

    Customizable data field

    Data fields can now be customized on the Cyclo to view your results of your segment recording. During the segment, the screen will show the remaining distance, and your performance at that moment (seconds ahead/behind set target). This can be customized from the Main Menu>Settings>Dashboard>Strava Live Segments.

    Important Steps

    To ensure that you will be able to make use of the Strava live segment feature on your Cyclo:

  • Device must be in recording mode.
  • MioShare account must be in sync with Strava.
  • Segments must be selected as favourite in Strava (Premium account only).
  • You must use a bicycle profile.
  • A maximum of 60 segments can be synced to device.
  • Existing MioShare users who are already linked to Strava need to enable the Segment options manually. These options will not be auto-enabled.
  • Segments and notifications for segments must be activated on device.

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