MiVue Manager macOS

MiVue Manager is a tool for you to view the video clips recorded on your MiVue device!

Click below to download:
Following improvements have been made for this MiVue Manager version (V1.0.7.1):
 Fixed - Dual cameras playback issue, when one folder included single and dual camera videos

Note: The MiVue 338 is not compatible with Mac.

Playing .avi files on a Mac
✚ For Mac OS X 10.7/ 10.8, please install Perian_1.2.3.dmg.
 For Mac OS X 10.9, apart from Perian_1.2.3.dmg, also make sure Quick Time 7 is installed on your Mac.

Requirements for the use of Google Maps on MiVue Manager to track your journey:
 The current (75.0.3770.100) and previous version of Chrome (macOS)
⋙ The current (12.1.1) and previous version of Safari (macOS)
⋙ The current (67.0.4) and previous version of Firefox (macOS)