MiVue 733 Software Update
Software Version: VC37.2D.5283.BO1WS.03.7z

Before you begin: Please ensure your device is connected to a power source/AC charger during the update process. The micro SD card used for the update needs to be formatted through a PC before starting the update.

Save any previous video recordings you have on the micro SD card to your computer.

  1. Insert your micro SD card into a card reader/adapter and connect to your PC. Delete any files and folders of the Micro SD card or format it so that it's blank.
  2. Download the latest version of software from HERE
  3. Right click, select 7-zip then unzip the file.
  4. Copy & paste the SD_CarDV.bin file onto the freshly formatted micro SD card. 

  5. Insert the micro SD card into your device, switch on to update firmware. This can take several minutes to complete.
  6. The firmware update will now install and once finished, the device will switch off automatically. Remove the SD card and switch the device on. Please format the SD card using a card reader/adapter before re-inserting the SD card into your device and using this to record your next journey.
  7. To check the software version please go to menu - system - version.

 Installing the latest firmware will reset the safety cameras to the factory default version. We do advise installing the latest safety camera update after the software update has successfully installed on your MiVue.

Note: If the software update fails or device couldn’t power on, you may perform force update. You may download force update software instruction from HERE.