MioMoreDesktop 2
The new MioMoreDesktop 2 is out now.
Version: 1.4.1

With MioMoreDesktop 2 you can:
DOWNLOAD & INSTALL software, map and safety camera updates
MANAGE maps, subscriptions and custom POIs

 Windows  MacOS
Download (64-bit) Download (mac)

MioMoreDesktop 2 (86-bit) can be downloaded from HERE

  System Requirements  

Windows 7 64-bit  
Windows 10 64-bit  /  Windows 10 86-bit

Free hard drive space
At least 4-5 GB (Recommended)


Internet connection required for content download

  System Requirements  

macOS 10.12 (x64)
macOS 10.13 (x64)
macOS 10.14 (x64)

Free mac HDD space
At least 4-5 GB (Recommended)


Internet connection required for content download

   Compatible Devices    


By default MMD2 will check for updates during app start up, if available here you will receive

  • Map Updates
  • Subscription Updates
  • Software Updates

We recommend installing these updates to improve the device and its features.

MAPS: Add or remove maps to and from your device.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Manage your free and/or purchased subscriptions.

CUSTOM POI MANAGEMENT: This feature is used to upload POI files (CSV) which have been either downloaded from third party website or created by yourself. Find out how to create POI's click HERE. 

UNLOCK: Will allow you to activate Map, Subscription and Truck mode activation keys which have either been purchased from our eshop or have come with a Mio Promotion.

   My Mio

BACK UP and RECOVER: Once you have created the first Back up, you can use it to recover your device. All previous created back ups show the date and time to let you know which point in time you are restoring your device to.

SMART RECOVERY : In case you have never created a back up, but things have gone wrong with your Mio, this feature is used to recover the device.

RECOVER KEYS: Will help you, if you have unlocked maps but they still appear locked. It checks on the server which maps and subscriptions your device is licenced for.